LFLS News Updates & Events


Lfls News Updates & Events

Date News
03.18.16 Loans4Less.com Announces National Mortgage Broker – Leads & Digital Media Alliance
08.01.15 Community Bank Partner and 321LEND Status Update
03.31.15 LOANS4LESS.COM Enters into an Acquisition Agreement with 321LEND
12.18.14 Loans4Less.com, Inc. enters into an Investment Banking Agreement with WestPark Capital, Inc. and Seeks Bank Strategic Partner for National Mortgage Broker Origination and Brand Exposure Opportunity
08.01.13 Interview with Southern California Homes
08.01.13 Loans4Less.com - Origination News Article
07.29.13 Loans4Less.com Seeks a Merger, Joint Venture Partner and/or Investor for National Loan Origination
and Brand Exposure Opportunity
06.03.13 LFLS interview with 'TheStockRadio'
05.13.13 CEO/CFO Magazine Interview
04.09.13 Loans4Less.com Ranked in List as a Top Residential Loan Originator 2012
03.15.13 LFLS expects to be fully reporting in 2014
03.13.13 Loans4Less.com starts cost effective advertising
01.28.13 Loans4Less.com, Inc. Engages CPA Firm to Audit Financials
01.09.13 Loans4Less.com Provides Preliminary Financial Results for Year Ended 2012
10.15.12 Loans4Less.com Provides Preliminary Financial Results for Q3 2012
09.11.12 Interview with Steven Hershman, Chairman & CEO of LFLS
09.04.12 Loans4Less.com, Inc. (LFLS) Announces Engagement of QualityStocks Investor Relations Services
04.01.11 Blog on Federal Reserve's New Compensation Plan
03.22.11 Media Article Covering The Fat Cat Club Investor Presentation
03.09.11 Current Information Attorney Letter 12.31.2010
02.08.11 Loans4Less.com, Inc. Annual Report 12.31.2010
02.08.11 Loans4Less.com Annual Revenues Increase 23%; Seeks Equity for National Brand
10.23.10 Loans4Less.com launches newly designed consumer friendly website
10.21.10 Quarterly Report- LFLS Q3 2010 Sept 30, 2010
05.19.10  Loans4Less.com, Inc. Signs Fee Agreement with Redrock Trading Partners, LLC
12.18.09  OTC Disclosure & News Service: LFLS launches Partners Advertising Public Stock Participation Program and Other
12.18.09  Loans4Less.com-The Changing Face Of The Mortgage Industry
12.01.09 KMET 1490 Radio Interview Video Release - Part 1, Part 2
11.11.09 Loans4Less.com, Inc. Anticipates Raising Equity Capital and Expects to Improve Balance Sheet
10.07.09 SNN Video Interview - The Fat Cat Club
04.16.08 Loans4Less.com, Inc begins trading on the OTC under ticker symbol LFLS

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