Our Commitment To You


Our Commitment to you

Our goal is to offer the lowest deliverable rates and closing costs.

Please review our Guaranteed Closing Costs.

Please review Rate Lock, Appraisal and Subordination Policy.

We offer excellent guidance and service to all borrowers and ask that all your application and supporting documentation are promptly sent to us.

Locking the loan rate in is considered a Change-In-Circumstances that will cause the Lender to issue you an updated Loan Estimate and Lock Confirmation. Locks periods are typically expressed as 30-60 calendar days. A delay in receiving your supporting verification documentation may cause the rate lock to expire and can result in certain lender rate lock extension fees and re-disclosure.

Loans4Less.com does not quote rates and/or points that are not deliverable. We cannot provide Borrowers with below market non-deliverable interest rates, points and/or closing costs. We do not practice inducement tactics by posting at http://www.loans4less.com/rates.html unrealistic quotes.

We do not sell or pass on your confidential information to any third party. We cannot register your loan or order your credit factual report without an executed Borrower's Certification and Authorization Form and six key items comprising of the Application.

It is important to understand that when 'shopping for a loan' when using an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) you should also compare the itemized dollar closing costs. You should also compare the non-recurring closing costs and be aware of the recurring costs such as taxes, insurance and/or accrued interest.

If you are refinancing we advise all Borrowers to take into account the new considered loan program, interest rate, closing costs and to calculate the time recovery of those costs in the form of lower monthly payments versus your current outstanding loan amortization schedule.

It is our understanding that Discount and Origination Points are not immediately tax deductible when refinancing. Consult with your Tax Advisor, Attorney or CPA as to how this and other factors may affect you.

We will do our best to offer a courteous professional service and aim to assist the Lender to close your loan in a timely manner.

We welcome your business and look forward to serving you.

Yours sincerely,

Steven M. Hershman, Broker Of Record

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